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The Integrity of Carbon Credits

Your Pathway to Sustainable Impact

As the leading intermediary in the global carbon credit marketplace, we prioritize the verification and certification of each carbon offset program we broker. Our rigorous third-party verification process ensures that the carbon credits you invest in are both safe and impactful.

We collaborate with a range of organizations, from international bodies to grassroots initiatives, to guarantee the utmost integrity in our carbon credit offerings. By doing so, we aim to foster trust and transparency in a sector that is instrumental for combating climate change.

Integrity & Verification

Trusted Carbon Credits

We prioritize the verification and certification of each carbon offset program we broker to ensure maximum impact and safety.

Our team of experts are in constant communication with credit issuers to ensure compliance with global standards, providing you the peace of mind in your investments.

Financial Flexibility

Maximize Your ROI

Our credits never expire and can be traded multiple times, offering you maximum financial flexibility and ROI.

We also offer tailored financial packages that can be customized according to your business needs, further enhancing your investment.

Inclusive Opportunity

Open for All

Whether you're an entrepreneur, farmer, or an enterprise, we offer a transparent and efficient way to acquire or sell carbon credits.

We are committed to making carbon credits accessible to all, and our platform provides educational resources to help all kinds of buyers make informed decisions.

Meet The Team

Simon Haley


Dan Brody

Passionate about driving growth and scale-up through technology innovation, global product development, and a customer-centric approach. An executive leader with a proven track record of delivering results and solving complex business challenges. Expertise in navigating regulatory and compliance requirements, He excels at developing and implementing scalable and secure solutions that meet industry standards.

Barnett Goldberg
Chief Counsel

Barnett is a Managing Partner at BG Law and serves as in-house counsel for XGC Software Inc and Certified Carbon Credits. With over 20 years of experience in the legal industry, he is a distinguished commercial and tax law expert.

Lawrence Skolnik
Founder Co-Chairman


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