Certified Standards ISO 14064-2:2019

Greenhouse Gases Specification
ISO 14064-2:2019 Overview

ISO 14064-2:2019 - Greenhouse Gases

The ISO 14064-2:2019 standard is a cornerstone for organizations committed to the quantification, monitoring, and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or enhancements in GHG removals at the project level. Designed to foster consistency, transparency, and credibility, this international standard enables the comparability and validation of GHG reduction or removal efforts, empowering projects to contribute effectively to global climate change mitigation strategies.

Key Elements of the Standard

Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step towards making a meaningful impact on the planet's future. ISO 14064-2:2019 invites you to explore a variety of offset projects, empowering you to take decisive action towards reducing and offsetting your emissions.

ISO 14064-2:2019 Scope and Applicability

This standard provides a flexible yet rigorous framework applicable across a broad spectrum of sectors and project types, from industrial emissions reduction to reforestation and conservation projects, ensuring that every initiative can make a verifiable impact.

Versatility Across Sectors

Whether it's agriculture, energy, or manufacturing, ISO 14064-2:2019 offers a universally applicable standard, ensuring credible GHG accounting across diverse sectors.

Voluntary and Mandatory Applications

ISO 14064-2:2019 is instrumental for projects within both voluntary carbon markets and those under mandatory compliance regimes, providing a clear path to environmental accountability.

Project Lifecycle Coverage

From inception through to reporting, the standard guides projects, ensuring that every phase is executed with precision, leading to verifiable and impactful GHG mitigation outcomes.

Voluntary and Mandatory Applications of ISO 14064-2:2019

Embracing ISO 14064-2:2019 equips projects to navigate the complexities of carbon accounting with confidence, whether for voluntary offsetting or in compliance with regulatory mandates, enhancing the integrity and value of their contributions to global sustainability efforts.

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Facilitates participation in voluntary carbon markets by providing standardized methodologies for quantifying and verifying GHG reductions, enabling projects to generate credible carbon credits.

Corporate Sustainability Goals

Supports corporations in achieving their sustainability targets through credible GHG accounting, enhancing transparency and stakeholder confidence in their environmental commitments.

Regulatory Compliance

Aligns with regulatory frameworks, ensuring projects can meet stringent GHG reporting and reduction requirements, contributing to national and international climate change mitigation efforts.

Project Lifecycle Coverage

ISO 14064-2:2019 delineates a comprehensive approach to project lifecycle management, ensuring systematic GHG impact assessment and management from project planning to completion and beyond, fostering long-term sustainability and environmental integrity.

Inclusivity of Project Types

The standard's flexible framework accommodates a wide array of project types, from industrial efficiency improvements to land-use changes, ensuring that diverse strategies for GHG mitigation can be effectively implemented and recognized.

Basis for GHG Project Development

By establishing a clear, consistent, and credible methodology for GHG quantification and reporting, ISO 14064-2:2019 lays the groundwork for impactful project development, driving innovation and investment in the carbon management sector and contributing to the global climate action agenda.

Enhancing Environmental Integrity with ISO 14064-2:2019

Adopting ISO 14064-2:2019 not only amplifies project credibility but also strengthens the global response to climate change, providing a path for projects to demonstrate real, measurable, and verifiable contributions to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation.

How to Choose the Right Project

It's not enough to just contribute; it's essential to make a meaningful impact. Look for projects that are certified, offer additional benefits like social development, and align with your personal or organizational values.


Case Studies for Inspiration

Real change is happening right now, thanks to contributors like you. Here are some inspirational case studies showcasing the positive impact of diverse offset projects.


The Time to Act is Now

Climate change is the defining crisis of our generation, and we need collective action to combat it. The projects are there. What's needed is your commitment.